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Sep 30 2014

GALLERY: Images of Ha-Long Bay

One of the most picturesque sites in Vietnam are the mountains rising from the sea in Ha-Long Bay, located in the northeast corner of the country. Several junks will take passengers on excursions winding through the spectacular rock formations. Enjoy the photos.

Sep 29 2014

TRAVELON: A Venetian Ball

I have just returned from my third visit to Italy, with the intent on visiting the south, as I had never been there before. My flight took me to Venice and I decided to stay a few days, just to see if anything had changed. All was exactly as I remembered. The 800 year old …

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Sep 26 2014

Jon’s Pic of the Week – Where was this taken?

LAST WEEK’S PHOTO as taken on one of the many streets in Amsterdam Amsterdam is the capital city of and most populous within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Its status as the Dutch capital is mandated by the Constitution of the Netherlands though it is not the seat of the Dutch government, which is The Hague. Amsterdam has a population of 813,562 within the city-proper, 1,112,165 …

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Sep 25 2014

PHOTO TIP: How to shoot Stone Circles

1. Lens Choice Use a wider angle lens 16-20mm (about 24-30mm in 35mm terms) 2. Focus On Parts Of The Circle Try isolating two or three of the stones and shoot from a low angle. 3. Get Up High Find a vantage point at a distance where you can shoot the entire ring from a …

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Sep 24 2014

LET’S EAT (September, 2014): The Tin Mill

When it comes to fine dining, few establishments in the Uxbridge area can compete with the Tin Mill. This wonderful restaurant has been creating signature dishes since 2006 in a building that dates back to the 1860’s. It was used as a flour mill and a leather factory before being transformed into its current condition, …

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